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PS5 vertical or horizontal: Which Way is Up? (2023)

PS5 vertical or horizontal

Pros and Cons of Vertical PS5

PS5 vertical or horizontal? An increasingly popular question among gamers is whether to place the PS5 console vertically or horizontally. The vertical orientation has certain advantages, including saving space and having a sleeker look. But the vertical position can also make the console more vulnerable to dust and has the downside of being more difficult to clean. In this article, we’ll weigh the pros and cons of the vertical PS5 and help you decide which orientation is best for your setup.

Improved cooling

Improved cooling is one of the main benefits of having your Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) vertically. Having the PS5 console stand makes it easier for air to move around it freely, allowing more efficient cooling and preventing overheating. This not only keeps your console cooler but also extends its lifespan by reducing the stress on its internal components. Additionally, if you have a case with a ventilated top panel or a fan at the back, this can be used to provide even more passive cooling benefits. It is important to note that there are some cases that have had difficulty dealing with the extra heat generated when using a vertical mount system; if you’re using one of these cases, it’s best to stick with laying the console in a horizontal position on its side.

More space-saving

The PlayStation 5 comes with the option to be stood either horizontally or vertically. Choosing which way to have the console may seem like a small decision, but there are pros and cons that should be considered when making this choice.

Standing the PlayStation 5 vertically is more space-saving and aesthetically pleasing. This means that you don’t need a massive shelf or wall-mounted unit to hold your console, giving you more room to house any other belongings. Additionally, having a vertical PS5 makes cleaning easier as dust is less likely to accumulate in corners that other pieces of furniture may have left behind. Furthermore, this provides a better experience when using virtual reality as the cord has extra space for your movements.

On the downside, standing it vertically can put extra pressure on some components and increase the amount of noise generated by its fan due to gravity and heat rising from within it. For example, discs damaged from too much bouncing can cause damage to the disc drive when playing games or watching blu-rays at high volumes with low vibrations. It’s important to note that these issues are unlikely but if you’re worried about them happening then opting for horizontal placement would be beneficial.

Less dust accumulation

Having your PS5 vertical instead of horizontal can help keep dust and grime buildup to a minimum. The vertical design allows air to flow freely around the console, helping to reduce dust particles that could potentially damage or interfere with the performance of your console. Vertical also means less disruption from sliding objects like controllers beneath it. With a horizontal setup, empty space is more likely to accumulate dust and other particles, making it more likely for them to get inside the system and disrupt performance.

Pros and Cons of Horizontal PS5

PS5 vertical or horizontal

When it comes to having the PlayStation 5, many people debate whether to have it lay flat or on its side. Depending on the space and style of one’s gaming area, the horizontal position may be the best option. However, there are some pros and cons considered when deciding what position is best for your PS5. Let’s explore them.

Easier to access ports

Having the PlayStation 5 console upright makes it easier to access the ports located at the rear of the device. This includes the USB ports that are used for charging and connecting gaming controllers, as well as other media devices. When placed horizontally, these ports will be located on one side of the system, making them more difficult to locate and connect cables. When placed vertically, however, these ports will be easily accessible at eye level near the back of the system. This makes it much simpler to identify and plug in wires when needed.

Better stability

When it comes to the question of whether it is better to have the PS5 vertical or horizontal, there are pros and cons to both orientations. On the one hand, having the PS5 vertical gives it an aesthetically pleasing appearance and makes it easier to fit in a very tight space. On the other hand, when in a horizontal orientation, your PlayStation 5 has greater stability since it sits flat against the ground instead of relying on its stand for balance. Horizontal orientation also allows you to view your games from a distance with no additional stands or monitors required, making it ideal for displaying multiple consoles or just for giving yourself some extra space. Additionally, having your PS5 horizontally can avoid any potential overheating issues that may be caused by stacking or compressing components during vertical placement.

More aesthetically pleasing

When you want to place the PS5 in your living room, the aesthetic conventions of the console is largely determined by its orientation. Most people prefer a horizontal position, which allows the console to fit more easily with other items in a room and also looks better on TV stands or shelves with limited space. The horizontal orientation covers less area since the base of the console is much wider than the top part, making it easier to fit neatly into tight spots and making it appear more appealing than when it’s vertical. Additionally, some accessories, such as cooling fans and charging docks, are made specifically for the horizontal positioning of PS5 and may not work correctly when oriented vertically.


When you think about the best way to store your PS5 console, you may find yourself wondering if it is better to store it vertically or horizontally. The general consensus is that it is better to have the PS5 stored horizontally. This is because the console is designed to be stored in this way, and this can help with ventilation, as well as provide easier access to the game discs. In this article, we’ll explore all the benefits of storing your console the recommended way.

Consider your gaming environment

When deciding whether to position your PlayStation 5 vertically or horizontally, it’s important to take into account the other items in your gaming environment. For example, if you plan on displaying any extra controllers, headsets, and other accessories on a shelf or entertainment center beside the PS5 console, then a vertical orientation might be a better fit for your space. On the other hand, layout and size constraints might lead you to opt for the horizontal setup.

Also keep in mind that when using an external hard drive, Sony recommends using the horizontal orientation as this allows proper cooling of both consoles. Finally, don’t forget sound considerations – if you are using stereo speakers they should be placed so they aren’t blocked by either orientation of the console.
Ultimately it is up to your personal preference when deciding how best to position your PS5; however, keep these factors in mind as part of ensuring an optimal gaming experience at home!

Consider your budget

When considering the position of your PS5, it is important to consider not only your aesthetic preference but also your budget. Horizontal mounting has the ability to keep all sides cool and centralize the unit in a location of choice. However, it is no surprise that mounting a unit horizontally may require additional hardware and components such as wall mounts or a rack cabinet to ensure that the unit is secured when placed horizontally. This additional purchase would come at an extra cost for those hoping to keep their budget in check. Meanwhile, vertical mounting does not require any of these components and stands out aesthetically due to it being unconventional for household collections with many gaming consoles located vertically. As long as you purchase an additional stand your console can be displayed both safely and attractively without breaking the bank.

Consider your personal preference

When it comes to deciding whether to stand your PS5 vertically or horizontally, the most important factor is you. What do you prefer aesthetically? Regardless of what others may say, what do you think looks best?

The visuals of your setup are just as important as the functions — after all, your PS5 is going to be part of your home for a long time. Think about things like color schemes and overall style. Do you like a sleek look with clean lines, or does a retro style have a bit more charm for you? Consider how the different positions will fit in with the rest of your setup.

If these questions are too hard to answer right away, don’t worry — there’s no rush! Take some time and explore what other people recommend and make sure that whatever decision you make is the one that suits your environment best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the PS5 be used in both vertical and horizontal positions?

A: Yes, the PS5 can be used in both vertical and horizontal positions.

Do I need any special equipment or accessories to use the PS5 in a vertical position?

A: No, you do not need any special equipment or accessories to use the PS5 in a vertical position. The console comes with a stand that can be used to support it in the vertical position.

Is there a recommended orientation for the PS5?

A: Sony recommends that the PS5 be placed in a horizontal position for optimal performance and reliability. However, it can also be used in a vertical position if desired.

Will using the PS5 in a vertical position affect its cooling system?

A: No, using the PS5 in a vertical position should not affect the cooling system. The console is designed to dissipate heat effectively in both horizontal and vertical positions.

Can I change the orientation of my PS5 after I have already set it up?

A: Yes, you can change the orientation of your PS5 at any time after it has been set up.

Is there a specific way to attach the stand to the PS5 for vertical orientation?

A: Yes, there is a specific way to attach the stand to the PS5 for vertical orientation. Make sure to follow the instructions provided by Sony carefully to avoid damaging your console.


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