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Troubleshooting your Fitbit Versa 3? How to get it back working again? (2023)

troubleshooting your Fitbit Versa 3

Don’t fret about troubleshooting your Fitbit Versa 3! You can get it running again quickly. Discover how easy it is to fix common problems – simple, easy, and no-stress! Read on to learn more.

Check the Battery

When your Fitbit Versa 3 isn’t functioning right, always check the battery first. Do this by opening Settings and checking the battery level. If it’s below 20%, charge it with the included charger for 1-2 hours. Ensure the four contact points of the charger are lined up with their respective pins on the Versa 3. Make sure there’s no dust or debris blocking them.

If nothing happens, try a different charger cable or wall adapter. Plug your charger into a working outlet. Then wait a few hours to check its progress. If the problems persist, contact customer support ASAP for further diagnosis and guidance.

Check the Charging Cable and Port

Check the charging cable and port of your Fitbit Versa 3 if it’s not responding. Ensure the charging contacts on the back aren’t blocked by dirt or debris. Also, ensure the Magnet Connector isn’t bent. Check the charger cable and port types match. MagSafe 2 Magnetic Power Adapters are needed for MacBook Pros after 2012. Check the device manufacturer’s website for compatible cables.

Try plugging the Fitbit Versa 3 into a different power outlet – either one with an adapter or directly into wall outlet. This may reset it and allow it to recharge.

Lastly, enable USB debugging mode on your Android device (go to Settings > Developer options) before any further troubleshooting steps.

Check the Bluetooth Connection

Have you had any issues with your Fitbit Versa 3? To fix it, first check if the Bluetooth connection is working. Ensure you’re within 6-8 meters of your device and that Bluetooth is on. If it still doesn’t work, open the Settings app and make sure the connection is enabled. If connecting to Android, delete any previous connections in App Permissions and disable battery optimization for Fitbit.

If resetting the Bluetooth isn’t enough, restart your Fitbit. Hold the back and bottom buttons for 8 seconds to see a smiley face, then select ‘Yes’ on the device. Wait until the three lights circulate before attempting to pair again.

If the restart fails, it may be time for a full factory reset. Go to Settings > About > Factory Reset > Confirm Reset. After this all data stored in the Watch including alarms and other settings will be lost, so think carefully before doing it.

Check the Firmware Version

Sometimes, a Fitbit Versa 3 might not run properly because its firmware is out of date. To fix this, the first step is to check if the firmware is up-to-date. Here’s how:

  1. On the Fitbit app, go to “Settings” at the bottom of your dashboard. Choose “Device Settings”.
  2. Under “About Your Device”, you can spot the current version number.
  3. Check with Fitbit Support for the most recent version and update it if necessary.

Check the Fitbit App

troubleshooting your Fitbit Versa 3
Check the Fitbit App

If your Fitbit Versa 3 isn’t working, the best way to troubleshoot is with the Fitbit App. Make sure you have updated it to the new version. This can give you access to bug fixes and improvements.

Check if there is an update in the app. Go to Account > Versa 3 > Check for updates. Install the update and follow instructions. This might help your device.

If there is no update or it doesn’t fix your issue, try restarting or resetting your device:

  • Restart: Press and hold both buttons until it restarts.
  • Reset: Press and hold both buttons. You’ll see a smiley face animation and three vibrations. Then, follow instructions on how to set up again with Windows 10, iOS/Android and Fitbit Connect/App setup instructions from

Check the Phone’s Operating System

Having issues with your Fitbit Versa 3? Start by checking your phone’s OS. Ensure it’s running the latest compatible version of iOS (14.2+) or Android (10+). To update, open the Play/App Store. Look for updates, then upgrade.

After updating, try setting up or syncing the Fitbit again. See if this fixes the problem:

  • Open the Play and App Store.
  • Look for updates.
  • Upgrade.
  • Try setting up or syncing the Fitbit again.

Check the Environment

Before beginning, it’s vital to inspect your area. To be sure your Fitbit Versa 3 works correctly, keep it away from metal objects and anything that might cause interference, such as walls, floors, and furniture. Make certain there is plenty of space around your device for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi access. Also, put your Fitbit Versa 3 in an open spot with a straight line of sight, 8 meters away from other wireless accessories or devices, and metal surfaces. Make certain the external temperature is between 0°C (32°F) and 40°C (104°F).

Check the Band

Check your Fitbit Versa 3 band if it is not responding. Tighten the band if it is loose. Make sure the band is dry. Wipe it with a cloth if it is damp or sweaty. Damage from perspiration and humidity can harm electronic parts. Look for any visible damage, such as thin straps or cracks. Try another band if nothing works after a careful examination. Check if you can reset it correctly.

Check the Wrist Position

If your Fitbit Versa 3 isn’t responding, check the wrist position. It should be at least one inch from the wrist bone. If too close or too far away, activities and sleep tracking can be affected.

Securely fasten the watch against your skin and adjust buckles or straps. Make sure there’s a gap between the device and your skin. Don’t wear it too loose; if it slides, try tightening it.

If you have tattoos or need extra help staying connected, try:

  • Resetting
  • Sleeping without wearing it

Check the Heart Rate Monitor

Fitbit’s Versa 3 is a great gadget for tracking fitness and health; but what if something goes wrong? Don’t panic! Troubleshooting is simple.

  1. First, check the device itself. Make sure it’s fastened securely to your wrist. Position the heart rate monitor in the middle of your wrist, lengthwise and widthwise. Then, lightly brush it with a dry washcloth until it shines. Make sure nothing like sweat, dirt or water is interfering with the area.
  2. Next, take a look at the App & Device section in the Fitbit app. Ensure all heart rate monitor settings are on. Toggle them on if they’re not, then sync again. Consider updating the device and any software/Bluetooth updates available by going to the Fitbit Updates page.
  3. Finally, if nothing else works, reset the device from the app. Go to ‘Settings” > ‘Device Reset’ > and tap ‘Erase’. All data will be erased, but data stored in the Fitbit app should remain intact.

We hope this helps! Good luck with getting your Fitbit Versa 3 back up and running.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Fitbit Versa 3 won’t turn on. What should I do?
A: Try charging it on the included charging cable for at least 30 minutes. If that doesn’t work, reset your device by holding the button on the left until the Fitbit logo appears.

My Versa 3 isn’t syncing with the Fitbit app. How do I fix this?
A: First, make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on. Then, follow the troubleshooting steps in the Fitbit app such as making sure your device is within range and there are no other Bluetooth devices interfering.

My Versa 3 is displaying the wrong time. How do I adjust it?
A: Make sure your device is connected to the internet and tap the Settings app on your Versa 3. Then, tap Clock > Time Zone and select the correct time zone.

My Versa 3’s battery life seems shorter than usual. What can I do?
A: First, make sure your device is running the latest firmware version. Then, try turning off features like Always-On Display or Notifications to conserve battery life.

I accidentally deleted an app on my Versa 3. How do I reinstall it?
A: Open the Fitbit app on your phone, tap your profile picture, then tap your device and finally tap Apps. From there, you can select the app you want to reinstall.

My Versa 3 froze and isn’t responding. What do I do?
A: Press and hold the button on the left and the button on the bottom right at the same time until the screen turns off. Then, turn your device back on and try using it again.


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