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[Solution] Your favourite Switch game corrupted and How to Fix It (2023)

Switch game corrupted

Have you ever suddenly had your favorite Switch game corrupted, leaving you frustrated and wondering what went wrong? If this sounds like a familiar predicament, then you’ve come to the right place! Whether your Switch’s storage is full or your game was affected by an unexpected glitch, this blog will provide solutions that can help you get back to your gaming session in no time.


If you’re having trouble playing your Nintendo Switch games, the issue could be related to corrupt data. Over time, data can become corrupted if there is an issue with the storage device or other hardware components.

In this article, we will discuss why your Switch games may be corrupting, as well as how to fix any potential issues. We will then provide a step-by-step guide on how to best repair corrupt game data. By following this advice, you should be able to resolve the problem and resume playing your favorite Switch games again in no time!

What Causes Switch Games to Become Corrupted

Game corruption on the Nintendo Switch is a common issue that has been reported by many users. It’s an annoying problem, as it can cause lengthy delays, crashes, freezing, and even data loss in affected games. The Switch game corruption usually happens when the console’s data system becomes overloaded and unable to process all of the information correctly. Other causes of Switch game corruption include physical damage to the cartridge or contact with moisture or heat.

It’s important to note that there may be other underlying factors causing your console to become corrupted, such as a software conflict or virus infection. If you are experiencing game corruption on your Nintendo Switch, here are some possible resolutions:

  1. Check for software updates – One of the most basic steps you can take when trying to resolve a game corruption issue is to ensure that your system is using the latest available version of its firmware. Nintendo regularly releases patches and updates that can help mitigate potential problems with games or consoles so it’s always worth checking for new versions if you’re experiencing issues with game corruption.
  2. Delete save data and reinstall the game – Deleting save data from your console could help clear up any issues caused by incorrect entries in corrupted files which could be causing problems with your Switch games. To do this, go into ‘System Settings’ from your main menu then navigate to ‘Data Management’ and ‘System Storage’. Select the title in question from here and delete any associated game saves before uninstalling/reinstalling it again via its download code or physical copy.
  3. Format System Memory – If all else fails, formatting system memory can sometimes provide a clean slate for starting again with no risk of pre-existing corruptions playing havoc with newly installed titles. This process will delete all user data currently stored on your console but it may be worth trying if you want a permanent solution without having to purchase another version of the affected title.

How to Prevent Switch Games from Becoming Corrupted

Switch game corrupted
How to Prevent Switch Games from Becoming Corrupted

Game files can become corrupted for a variety of reasons, from an unreliable internet connection to not enough available memory. However, there are some proactive steps you can take to minimize the chances of your Switch games becoming corrupted.

First and foremost, it is important to make sure that the console has reliable internet connectivity. Although the Nintendo Switch system has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, it is still possible that the Wi-Fi connection could be weak or unreliable. It’s also recommended to use a secure internet connection such as a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when downloading games online or if connected to public networks. To check if your internet connection is secure, go into Settings > Internet > Test Connection and verify that you are secure.

Secondly, it’s important to ensure that there is enough storage space on the console for you game downloads. While game sizes may vary, most will require at least 3 GB of storage space in order for them to run without any issues. Before downloading a game onto the Switch, make sure that there is still enough available storage on it by navigating to Settings > System Storage Management and checking how much free space remains on your console. Additionally, if there isn’t enough free space available then consider transferring content off of your Nintendo Switch before downloading the game in order free up some extra space or even invest in a compatible SD card with additional storage capacity.

Finally, make sure that you are using updated versions of your games whenever possible as these will usually have bug fixes and performance improvements applied which could help prevent data corruption when playing them on your switch system over time. In order to determine if an update is available for one of your games navigate into Games & Applications > scroll down until you find the required game > select Menu Options > Software Update Options and then follow any additional instructions which may appear on the screen during this process. If one isn’t currently available then keep an eye out for any future updates from Nintendo periodically as these can often provide enhanced stability when playing games on the console over time.

How to Fix Corrupted Switch Games

If you have encountered a corrupted Switch game, don’t panic, we’re here to help. Corrupted Switch games can be caused by several factors and luckily, there are some steps you can take to try and resolve the issue yourself.

  • First, check whether the game cartridge is clean, if there is any dust or dirt present on the contacts, use a cotton bud and some window cleaner to clean them. Make sure that after cleaning you thoroughly rinse off any excess liquid.
  • Second, examine your console itself. Check for wearing out of certain key components of your consoles such as the wiring connection between the power supply and logic board or fans losing power. If any of these parts prove to be damaged then replacing this part may solve the corruption issue.
  • Third, it could also be caused by a bug within the system’s code or due to improper usage when inserting or removing Switch games from their slots in the console. To try fixing this problem you’ll need to shut down your Nintendo Switch console for 5-10 minutes and after this period relaunch it as normal – this will allow for a reset cycle on all hardware processors that are responsible for reading data from your game discs and preparing them for gameplay.
  • Finally, if none of these methods work then it may be necessary to contact Nintendo support directly as they can potentially provide additional technical assistance which may not be available elsewhere online or through other sources.


To conclude, Switch game corruption is a frustrating issue and can be a sign of several unrelated problems. Some of these can be resolved by cleaning cartridges or carrying out basic maintenance, such as updating the console’s software or formatting the internal storage. However, certain issues may require replacing specific components in the Nintendo Switch console that are not covered under warranty.

In other cases, it might be necessary to purchase a new game cartridge as a workaround to obtain an uncorrupted version of the software. It ultimately depends on the exact cause and type of corruption that is occurring which will dictate what steps are required to get your game working again:

  • Cleaning cartridges
  • Updating the console’s software
  • Formatting the internal storage
  • Replacing specific components
  • Purchasing a new game cartridge

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes Switch games to become corrupted?
Switch games may become corrupted due to a power surge, physical damage, or a corrupted system file.

How can I tell if my Switch game is corrupted?
If your game crashes unexpectedly or fails to load correctly, it may be corrupted.

How can I fix a corrupted Switch game?
You can try reinstalling the game, performing a system update, or using an external storage device to transfer the game.


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