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My Samsung Watch Touchscreen Stopped Working: Pro Tips on How to Fix it (2023)

Samsung Watch Touchscreen Stopped

Diagnose the Problem

Why Has the Samsung Watch Touchscreen Stopped? You might be wondering? You should start by making sure the watch is properly charged and then check to see if the touchscreen is responsive. If it doesn’t seem to be working, then you may have to take some additional steps to try and fix it. Let’s take a look at what you can do.

Check the watch’s settings

Sometimes, seemingly unresponsive touchscreens can be caused by settings that are interfering with the accurate response of the watch. To diagnose and fix this:

  1. Open your watch settings.
  2. Check if the touchscreen option is enabled. If not, enable it to see if that solves the problem. If you see an option related to touch sensitivity or accuracy, you may want to adjust these settings as well.
  3. If you’re still having trouble adjusting or enabling your watch’s touchscreen, try restarting your device by holding down the power button for a few seconds and then tapping ‘Restart’ when prompted to do so.
  4. If the problem continues despite all of these steps, you may need to take your watch to a professional for further diagnosis and repair services. Check the watch’s battery If the touchscreen is unresponsive or suddenly stops responding, it is possible that the watch’s battery has a low charge. To check the battery level, open up the Wearable app on your device and select ‘Status’ from the top-right list. You should see two bars representing your watch’s current charge and estimated future charge. If both bars are below 50%, try plugging your watch into a charger so it will obtain a full charge before you attempt any other solutions. Once the watch is fully charged, wait 5 minutes before attempting to use it on its own again. Clean the Watch’s Screen If your Samsung watch’s touchscreen is not responding, it may be due to a buildup of dirt and oils on the surface of the display. Fortunately, you can remove these contaminants yourself without having to take the watch to a professional.

Clean the Watch Screen

Clean the Watch’s Screen If your Samsung watch’s touchscreen is not responding, it may be due to a buildup of dirt and oils on the surface of the display. Fortunately, you can remove these contaminants yourself without having to take the watch to a professional. In this section, we’ll go over some simple tips for cleaning your Samsung watch’s touchscreen. Prepare a cleaning solution Preparing a cleaning solution is an essential first step before cleaning a watch’s touchscreen. A good cleaning solution should have a neutral pH value (7 or around it) and contain non-toxic ingredients. Popular solutions include denatured alcohol and dish-washing soap diluted in water. To create a proper solution, mix the ingredients in an airtight container and safely store them away from heat or other contaminants. Once the solution is prepared, you can begin to clean your Samsung watch’s touchscreen. Clean the screen with a soft cloth Cleaning the touchscreen with a soft cloth is a simple and effective way to maintain your watch’s performance and appearance. Start by turning the watch off and removing any excess debris, such as dirt or bits of food that may have become lodged in the device. Once the visible debris has been removed, slightly dampen a soft cloth with lukewarm water, being sure not to saturate it. Wring out any excess moisture before wiping down the watch’s screen in gentle circular motions. This will help remove any smudges or smears that have been accumulating on its surface. Be sure to use a separate cloth from your smartphone or other screens, as there will be different residues between them that can scratch each other’s screens. Finally, let your watch dry out completely before turning it back on! Repair the Touchscreen If you have a Samsung Gear watch, you may have encountered a problem with the touchscreen. While Samsung watches are known for their durability, your watch’s touchscreen may still become unresponsive or have other issues. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to fix your Samsung watch’s touchscreen without having to take it to a professional repair shop. Check for any debris in the watch’s ports Before proceeding, it’s important to check the ports and crevices of the watch for any debris or build-up. This may prevent the watch from charging or syncing properly and should be removed before further troubleshooting. Start by booting off your watch, taking all straps off, and powering it down. Then carefully inspect each port area with a flashlight to make sure there are no lint or dirt particles stuck in them. You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush or an air duster can to remove the debris if found. If necessary, use a small cotton swab dampened with isopropyl alcohol to clean the ports and crevices more thoroughly.

Use a vacuum to remove debris In some cases, the touchscreen on your Samsung watch may be having issues with registering taps or swipes due to debris blocking the input. In such situations, it is recommended to use a gentle vacuum to remove excess dirt and dust that may have accumulated on the screen surface.

To ensure optimal performance while vacuuming, use an appropriate nozzle attachment to create a tight seal between the watch’s surface and the nozzle opening. This will help suck away any particularly stubborn particles that may have become lodged beneath the touch layer of your device’s display.

Once you’ve finished vacuuming away any excess dirt or dust, use a microfiber cloth to wipe down your watch’s touchscreen and gently remove any additional particles from its surface. When wiping down the display, we advise avoiding metal or plastic tools as these can scratch or damage your device’s touch-sensing layer.

Check the watch’s touchscreen flex cable

Samsung Watch Touchscreen Stopped
Check the watch’s touchscreen flex cable

If your Samsung watch has a touchscreen that isn’t working properly, you may need to replace the touchscreen flex cable. This is a thin, pliable cable that helps connect the touch panel to the board. To check if your watch’s touchscreen flex cable needs replacing, remove the back cover and inspect it for visible damage or loosened connections. If it looks damaged or loose then you’ll need to replace it with a new one.

It might also be useful to check for any debris lodged in between where the flex cable connects with the board. Some dirt and lint can disrupt your watch’s sensitivities and cause inaccuracies in display reading and unresponsive buttons. If you find residue stuck inside the port, use tweezers to carefully remove it and then retest your watch’s touch sensors before reinstalling everything back together again.

Reinstall the Watch’s Software

If your Samsung watch’s touchscreen is not responding, then one easy fix would be to reinstall the watch’s software. This process can be done without having to pay a pro or take it to the store. You can follow the simple steps to reinstall the software on your watch and get it back up and running again. Let’s take a look at how you can do this.

Download the latest version of the watch’s software

To reinstall the watch’s software, you need to download the latest version of the software from Samsung’s official website. First, go to their website, and search for your watch type. Once you have selected the proper watch model, look for a “Download/Save” button. This will take you to a page that allows you to select what kind of software version is best suited for your watch.

Once you have selected the right version of the software and downloaded it onto your computer, open it. Depending on what type of computer you have (Windows or Mac) instructions may differ; however, in most cases, if you double-click on the file it should automatically start running and installing itself onto your computer.

It may take some time while the download and install so be ready for up to an hour-long wait before everything is completed. After installation is complete, all that’s left to do is transfer this installation file over to your watch! To do this all you need is a data transmission cord that must be purchased separately from any store offering smart watch accessories. Connect both ends of this cord (computer and smartwatch), then insert the installation file from your computer into the watch – viola! If done correctly your Samsung Smart Watch should be running on its latest updated version – good as new!

Install the software to the watch

If you’re having trouble with your Samsung watch’s touchscreen and none of the previous troubleshooting steps have helped, you may need to reinstall the software on your watch.

In order to reinstall the software, you need to complete three steps:

  1. Download the correct version of the Watch Software Package onto your computer.
  2. Connect your watch to your computer using a USB cable.
  3. Install the package program on your Watch through ‘Samsung Gear Manager’ or ‘Galaxy Wearable application on your device.

When you’ve completed these steps, it’s time to install the software package into your watch following these instructions:

  1. Select “Software update” from the “Gear Manager/Galaxy Wearable” App and tap the “Start” button when prompted for update procedures (figure ).
  2. After selecting Start, follow all directions shown in the Software update screen one by one until complete (figure ). All explained information in this view should be confirmed before continuing with procedures.
  3. When all files are downloaded correctly and installation is started, you can wait until the completion of installation and follow the reboot of the watch (figure ) when ready for continued usage of the watch system. Installation typically requires 5-10 minutes but may depend on other factors such as the size of data or hardware performance rate related to product type or running applications that cannot be ending during this period in use (otherwise restart procedure can fail).

Following completion of the above steps, if it is still not working – Reach out for professional help!

Restart the watch

Before attempting to reinstall your Samsung smart watch’s software, you will need to restart the device in order to kick-start the process. To do this, press and hold down the power button for at least seven seconds until the screen turns black. Once it does, release the power button and wait for your smart watch’s home screen to appear.

Once it appears, select Settings and then Device Information. Scroll down until you see Reset Gear and tap on it. Confirm by selecting the Reset Gear option again and then accept any prompts that appear by tapping with your fingertip on the Touchscreen or by pressing and holding down the Home button on supported models. The device will start cleaning out temporary data and restart itself, taking around two minutes depending on how many apps were installed since you last reset it.

Troubleshoot and Test

In some cases, you may be able to fix the touchscreen of your Samsung watch without needing to take it to a professional. Troubleshooting and testing your watch can help you identify the problem, and potentially fix it without having to pay for a professional service. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can troubleshoot and test your Samsung watch to find out what’s wrong with its touchscreen.

Check the watch’s settings

If your Samsung watch touchscreen is not responding properly, check the settings to ensure that all of the settings you require are enabled. If it appears that a setting has been disabled, then this could be causing your touchscreen to be unresponsive.

Start by checking that all of your watch’s functions are enabled in the app settings and make sure that vibration, as well as sound, is enabled for notifications. You may also want to check whether you have accidentally activated sleep mode on your watch and see if this has caused any issues. If so, simply turn it off via the app or the home button on your watch.

If you are still having trouble after checking these steps, try a quick restart by pressing and holding down the home button for ten seconds until it powers off. Then press and hold again to power back up. Hopefully, this will solve any minor issues with your Samsung watch’s touchscreen responsiveness.

Test the watch’s touchscreen

Testing the touchscreen of your Samsung watch is essential in troubleshooting why your device may not respond correctly. To begin, power on the watch, place it in its charging dock and connect it to a power source. If you don’t have a charging dock, you can also use a USB cable to connect the watch directly to a power source.
Once the watch is powered up and placed in its charging dock or connected to a cable, unlock it by swiping from left to right on the screen. The home screen will appear at this point, allowing you to interact with your watch.

To test your touchscreen for responsiveness:

  1. Tap near each corner of Samsung’s display individually (upper corners and lower corners).
  2. Put two fingers on the display at once and slide them across different parts of the display. Your fingers should need only light pressure for them to register your gestures accurately.
  3. Swipe on any part of the touchscreen including left-right swipes, up-down swipes, diagonal swipes, and circular or spiral moves—testing all directions allows you to be sure that every movement gets registered by your watch’s smoothly responsive display!

If these tests don’t demonstrate satisfactory performance from your Samsung touchscreen or no response occurs when these movements are attempted, then contact customer service for further battery checks and repair assistance if necessary.

Seek professional help if needed

Sometimes, even after following the steps to troubleshoot and test your Samsung smartwatch touchscreen, the issue may still remain unresolved. If you are unable to fix your watch on your own, it is a good idea to seek professional assistance.

There are several options available. You can take your watch to an authorized support center – they may be able to diagnose and repair any issues with the touchscreen. Alternatively, if you have a compatible smartphone or device, you can contact Samsung’s customer service center over the phone or online and ask for help resolving any issues with your watch’s touchscreens.

If you’d like additional help from professional repair services, there are many independent technician companies that specialize in Samsung products and can come to your home or office for repair services at a lower cost than an authorized service center. However, these services may not be available in all areas – so do some research and read any customer reviews before making a decision.

No matter what route you choose to go with when seeking help resolving touchscreen issues on your Samsung smartwatch, their professionals should be able to guide you through steps that should restore functionality back to your device.


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