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Solving PS5 Controller Issues: How to Recalibrate a Playstation 5 controller for Improved Performance (2023)

recalibrate a Playstation 5 controller

Are you the proud owner of a Playstation 5 console, but having trouble getting your controller to work the way you want it to? Well, no need to worry! We’ve got all the tips and tricks here that will help you recalibrate a Playstation 5 controller to optimal performance. So get ready to break some high scores with your newly tuned controller like an expert gamer!

Why do you need to recalibrate your Playstation 5 controller?

Recalibration of your Playstation 5 controller may be necessary for several reasons. For example, if you experience any joystick drift (when the joystick is moved in one direction but the character on the screen continues to move in that same direction), or if your controller’s motion sensors are no longer accurate, the recalibration will help resolve this issue.

Additionally, some games may require specific sensitivity settings that can be fine-tuned only through a recalibration process.

In some cases, controllers may become unresponsive due to a decrease in battery power and when this occurs, it’s essential to perform a full recalibration–otherwise called a system-level reset. This will ensure that all your controller’s functions are working properly and that no power is being wasted by the controller by running out of juice mid-game.

Not only is calibrating your Playstation 5 controller important for game performance purposes, but it also allows you to customize key aspects of your gaming experience such as setting vibration filters and vibration intensity levels.

How to recalibrate your Playstation 5 controller

recalibrate a Playstation 5 controller
How to recalibrate your Playstation 5 controller

Recalibrating your Playstation 5 controller can help it work better. Before you recalibrate your controller, you should make sure that it is connected to your console via Bluetooth. The steps to calibrate a controller on the PlayStation 5 are outlined below:

  1. On your controller press the “Options” and “Create” buttons at the same time for 2 seconds.
  2. You will see the “Controller Calibration Mode” displayed on the screen.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to zoom in or out and adjust any settings for sensitivity or dead zone values as needed.
  4. Wait for a confirmation stating that calibration was successful and press any button on your PS5 Controller before exiting calibration mode by pressing the “Options” and “Create” buttons at the same time for 2 seconds again.
  5. Finally, test out your controller in-game before connecting another one if needed. What can happen if you don’t recalibrate your Playstation 5 controller? If you do not recalibrate your PlayStation 5 controller, it may cause performance issues such as stick drift, inaccurate analog sticks, incorrect button pressing, and/or unresponsive inputs. Some of the common symptoms include sticks that appear to move on their own; analog sticks not recognizing inputs; buttons malfunctioning when pressed; and the system not recognizing any input. If these symptoms persist, there is a good chance the controller needs to be recalibrated. You should also check for any loose or disconnected wires from the controller itself, as this can also cause performance issues. By recalibrating your PlayStation 5 controller, you can ensure optimal performance and maximum longevity of the device. Follow these easy steps to properly recalibrate your PlayStation 5 controller.

How often should you recalibrate a Playstation 5 controller?

Recalibrating your Playstation 5 controller is an important part of keeping it running optimally. As is the case with any device, regular maintenance is necessary to keep it in good working order. In general, you should recalibrate your Playstation 5 controller every few months to ensure that the buttons and sticks are accurately calibrated.

The best time to recalibrate is when you first start playing a new game because then you know all controls will be in their optimal performance state. You should also recalibrate after long periods of non-use as well as during gameplay if you feel like control responses aren’t quite right or working as intended.

Recalibration can be done quickly with the help of a built-in utility in the console’s settings section. The exact process may vary slightly depending on the controller model and firmware version, but it typically involves pressing a combination of buttons to enter calibration mode, then using the two sticks and directional pad to correct values accurately until everything registers at 100%. Once this step has been completed your controller should be ready for use again without any further action needed.

What are the benefits of recalibrating your Playstation 5 controller?

The recalibration of your Playstation 5 controller can provide a myriad of benefits, including better accuracy and a more comfortable gaming experience. Recalibrating will also help you to make sure that your controller is working properly and not suffering from any inputs being dropped or double-clicked. Additionally, if you notice any drift in the movement of your joystick or buttons, recalibrating may be able to correct this and fix any drifting issues. Finally, recalibration may also serve to boost the overall battery life of your controller as well as help you get the most out of features such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

Are there any risks associated with recalibrating your Playstation 5 controller?

Recalibrating your Playstation 5 controller can be a great way to keep your gaming experience as smooth and comfortable as possible. However, there are a few risks associated with recalibrating your controller. First, it requires you to open the controller which could expose its internal components to dust and wear and tear, making it more likely that it will malfunction or break in the near future. Additionally, if done improperly or without knowledge of proper techniques and precautions, attempting to recalibrate your Playstation 5 controller may cause permanent damage that could void its warranty if you don’t use appropriate caution. Finally, even when done properly, there is always a small chance that recalibrating your Controller may cause some parts of it or its software to malfunction or not work correctly. Therefore, care should be taken when attempting to recalibrate your Playstation 5 controller.

How to troubleshoot recalibration issues with your Playstation 5 controller

If your Playstation 5 controller is not responding correctly or is being intermittently unresponsive, you may need to recalibrate it. Through the console’s home screen and game menus, you can easily troubleshoot and recalibrate your PS5 controller. The following steps will help you resolve recalibration issues:

  1. Check your connectivity: Make sure that your Playstation 5 controller is correctly connected to the console or computer via Bluetooth or wired connection.
  2. Reset the Controller: Select “Settings” from the main Playstation 5 menu, then select “Devices” followed by “Controller Settings” and then select “Reset Controller” – this may temporarily fix any responsiveness issues with the controller.
  3. Calibrate Your Controller: If resetting the controller doesn’t help, go back to “Devices” followed by “Controller Settings” in the main menu, then select “Calibration Guide” and follow the onscreen prompts. The calibration process should take around 10 minutes.
  4. Update Your Firmware: If you are still having problems with responsiveness after calibrating your device, make sure that your PlayStation 5 is up to date by navigating to “Settings” from the main menu then selecting “System Updates & Maintenance”. In addition, make sure that your controller’s firmware is updated as well by selecting “Disconnect” in Step 3 and repeating the process for each of your controllers individually – updating its firmware if necessary before it connects again for calibration during Step 4. What to do if your Playstation 5 controller still isn’t working after recalibration

If your Playstation 5 controller is still not working properly after recalibration, there are a few steps that you can take to try and resolve the issue.

First, make sure that you’re using a compatible device. The Playstation 5 controller works best with the official Sony wireless headset, an officially licensed wireless headset from another maker, or an officially licensed wired headset from any maker. If you’re using a generic wired headset, it’s possible that there may be compatibility issues that can interfere with proper controller operation.

Second, check your controller’s calibration settings. Go to Settings>Devices>Controllers>Calibrate Controller and make sure your control sticks have been calibrated appropriately according to the on-screen prompts. If this hasn’t been done yet, go ahead and run through the calibration setup now and see if that resolves the issue.

Third, try resetting the controller entirely by pressing the reset button at the back of the unit. Hold down this button for approximately 10 seconds until the light bars at either side of the unit flashes orange twice. This will clear all data stored in memory within your controller and reset it back to its factory defaults before attempting any further troubleshooting methods.

Finally, if these three steps don’t fix your issue then contact Playstation support for further advice regarding your device malfunction

How to prevent needing to recalibrate your Playstation 5 controller in the future

In order to prevent the need for recalibrating your Playstation 5 controller, you should take the following steps:

-Ensure that your controller’s battery is fully charged before beginning gameplay. This will allow it to maintain enough power when handling heavy gaming loads.
-Clean any debris or dust from both the controller and the external ports. This will prevent obstructions and improve signal quality.
-Perform regular updates on both your console and PS5 controller. Updating regularly can keep your system optimized while also providing access to new features and bug fixes which can improve performance.
-Avoid using overly powerful chargers as this could lead to component damage over time, limiting how well the controller functions.
-If you are having consistent issues with calibration, check for any maintenance mode settings on the user interface menu as these may help you adjust settings manually if needed.


Learning how to recalibrate your Playstation 5 (PS5) controller on a regular basis keeps your controllers in optimal condition, providing a consistent and comfortable gaming experience. To begin, you’ll need to turn on your PS5 console and ensure that none of the console’s USB ports are blocked by another device. Then, from the Home screen of the console, navigate to the Settings page and select ‘Devices’. From here, you will have access to options for calibrating your controller. Depending on if you are using a DualSense or not, a calibration menu will come up with different options that allow you to apply controller tweaks specific to an individual player’s preferences. This includes adjusting thumbstick sensitivity, vibration intensity, gyroscope responsiveness, and more. After selecting the appropriate settings that suit one’s playing style, select “Finish” which will save the calibrated settings and complete the process – allowing for maximal comfort and personalization with one’s gaming experience!


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