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My Fitbit Versa has a black screen. Try these fixes

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If your Fitbit Versa has a black screen, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong. Before you can begin to fix it, you need to identify the problem. Is the issue that the screen is blank and won’t turn on? Or is the screen unresponsive and won’t accept input? Let’s take a look at the different possibilities and how you can start troubleshooting the problem.

Check if the Fitbit is charged

Before you begin troubleshooting and attempting to fix the Fitbit versa black screen issue, it is important to make sure that your device is sufficiently charged. The easiest way to do this is to connect the Fitbit versa to a power source and leave it for at least half an hour. During this time, the device should be undisturbed and isolated from any external pressures or environmental factors. After ensuring that your Fitbit vers has had a sufficient amount of charging time, attempt to turn on the device. If the black screen persists, move onto other potential solutions such as restarting or resetting the device, updating any software that might be malfunctioning or changing settings on your phone.

Check if the Fitbit is connected to a power source

It can be frustrating when your Fitbit Versa stops working correctly and presents you with a black screen. Fortunately, there are some simple steps that you can take in order to troubleshoot the issue without having to visit a technician or send your device away for repairs. Before doing anything else, it’s important to check if the Fitbit is charging properly:

  1. Try plugging the Versa into different power sources and make sure that it’s connected tightly. If you have the original charger or cable, try plugging into these instead of generic brand cables.
  2. Press down lightly on the connective end of the charger cable while it’s plugged into your device, this will help to ensure a good connection and help with any electromagnetic interference that may be inhibiting connection to a power source.
  3. Ensure that your PC or laptop is also able to provide sufficient battery power for charging short distances. This measure will help increase the longevity of your battery by providing continuous charging upkeep even when not connected to a direct source of electricity like plug sockets or Apple chargers etc.. If none of these options work then it’s advised that you contact customer service for further advice about getting technical assistance from certified personnel where necessary – happy troubleshooting!Restart the Fitbit If you’re having trouble with your Fitbit Versa, one of the best things to do is to restart it. Restarting the Fitbit can help reset the software and can often fix any errors you’re seeing on your device. Thankfully, restarting the Fitbit is simple and just takes a few steps. Here is how to do it.Connect the Fitbit to its charger
    First, make sure that your Fitbit is connected securely to its charger. The charging contacts on the back of the device must be firmly pressed against the pins on the back of the charger and aligned correctly. If your Fitbit is not charging properly, try reversing it on its charger to see if a different connection works better. In some models, proprietary chargers are required to ensure efficient charging – if yours is one of those models, try using an appropriate cable and a USB power adapter.

If your Fitbit still won’t charge, remove it from its charger and check for dirt or debris on the charging contacts or pins. If any dirt or debris are present, clean them off with a dry cotton swab before reattaching the tracker to its charger.

Once you have checked all of these requirements and established that your tracker is connected securely to its charger in an appropriate location, follow these steps:

Press and hold the button on the left side of the device for 10 seconds

Press and hold the button on the left side of your Fitbit Versa for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, you will see a smiley face icon and your device will restart. The restart process generally takes up to two minutes and once completed, you will be able to access your device normally.

If you experience any difficulty with the restart process or are not able to see a smiley face image on your screen, try these steps:

  • Ensure that your Versa is charged for at least 18 hours before attempting to restart it.
  • Try plugging it into the charger for at least 15 minutes before attempting the restart again.
  • If possible, try switching out USB cables or ports until you are e able to successfully trigger a reboot.
  • For further assistance on any technical related issues, please visit Fitbit support page or contact customer service directly.Update the Fitbit One of the most common solutions to resolve a black screen issue with your Fitbit Versa is to update the device. Updates can fix various issues and can improve the performance of the device. So, if you’re facing a black screen issue with your Fitbit Versa, first go ahead and check for any pending updates for your device. This can help you to fix the black screen issue in a few quick steps.Connect the Fitbit to a computer
    Before you get started troubleshooting your Fitbit versa, it’s important that you connect the device to a computer using the Fitbit USB dongle and the charging cable. You can find instructions on how to do this in the user manual. Once you have connected your FitbitVersa to a computer, make sure that your computer is running at least one of these operating systems: Windows 8.1, MacOS 10.7 or higher, similar operating systems such as Linux and Chrome OS, and certain mobile devices with an Android 5.0 or above operating system.

The next step is to open Fitbit Connect and check your system requirements to see if they are compatible with the Versa. You will need to select “Install Updates” in order for your device to begin downloading any updates available for Versa devices. Once this process is complete, you can now proceed with restoring the black screen issue on your Versa.

Download the latest version of the Fitbit app

One of the simplest ways to fix a black screen on your Fitbit versa is to download the latest version of the Fitbit app. This will ensure that your watch is running the most recent software available.

To do this, open up the Google Play Store from your Android phone, or App Store from an iPhone, and search for “Fitbit”. Once you’ve opened the app description page, look for the “Update” button located with all the other download buttons (such as “Open” or “Install”), and click it to begin downloading and installing.

If you’re looking for detailed instructions for both Android and iOS devices, please see our step-by-step guide on how to update your Fitbit app here: [link]. Once finished updating, check if restarting your watch resolves any lingering issues you may be having with a blank or black screen on your Fitbit versa.

Reset the Fitbit

If you are encountering a black screen on your Fitbit Versa, it is usually an indication that it needs to be reset. Resetting your Fitbit can help resolve certain issues, including a black screen. In this article, we will discuss how to reset your Fitbit Versa in just a few easy steps.

Open the Settings app on the Fitbit

Assuming your Fitbit Versa is still charged, you’ll need to open the Fitbit app on your phone. To do this, you’ll need to tap the three-line menu at the top left corner of the app and select Settings.

Once in Settings, scroll until you see Reset Device. Here you can choose factory reset or restart. Factory reset will erase all data and restore your Fitbit to its default state, while restarting will turn the device off then back on without deleting any data.

If a factory reset didn’t fix your issue, then it’s time to try restarting the device or uninstalling and reinstalling any apps that may be causing issues (such as if an app is causing a black screen). To do this, open the Settings app in your Fitbit and find Apps & Clock Faces. Here you can uninstall apps that are having issues or update them if necessary.

Select the option to reset the device

In order to reset the device, you must first access the settings menu. To do this, press and hold both side buttons simultaneously until you see the Fitbit logo appear. Next, release the side buttons and use the up or down button to select Settings, then press and hold both side buttons again until you see RESET DEVICE scroll across the screen.

Once you select Reset Device, you will be prompted to select either Keep Data or Remove Data. Select which option applies to your situation and then use the up or down button to select it.

If you selected Keep Data, wait for your Fitbit device to complete its factory reset before attempting another reset. If you selected Remove Data, wait for your Fitbit device to shutdown before restarting it in order for these changes to take effect. Once your Fitbit device has been successfully reset with either Keep Data or Remove Data option selected, it should now be functioning normally again without any black screen issues.

Troubleshoot the Fitbit

If you’re dealing with a black screen on your Fitbit Versa, don’t despair. The most common cause of this issue is due to the battery draining completely, which can leave the Fitbit in a frozen state. This does not mean that it’s damaged, though. Here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue and get your Fitbit back up and running.

Check if any updates are available

When attempting to troubleshoot a Fitbit versa with a black screen, the first step is to make sure that all applications are up-to-date. To check this, simply select the Menu icon on the home screen of your Fitbit and then tap the Settings gear. From there, select About, and then Updates. If any updates are available for your device, an install button will appear and it is recommended that you install them before proceeding further. If no updates are available at this time, then you should proceed to take the following steps:

Check if the Fitbit is connected to a Wi-Fi network

To check if your Fitbit is connected to a Wi-Fi network, first open the Settings app on your device. From the main screen, tap Wi-Fi and look for a list of networks your Fitbit might be connected to. If you don’t see any, you’ll need to create a connection before attempting other steps. Once your Fitbit is connected to a Wi-Fi network, try restarting it: press and hold the power button for 10 seconds until you see the logo appear on the screen. If this doesn’t resolve the issue immediately, try closing & restarting all applications within Fitbit before uninstalling and reinstalling them. You can also perform a soft reset of your watch by holding down both buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds or until you see the company logo appear on the screen. Finally, if all else fails, consider contacting customer service or returning it to its original store of purchase for further assistance with resolving any potential hardware issues.

Contact Fitbit Support if the issue persists

Sometimes the problem may persist even after you’ve tried all of the suggested steps. In this case, it’s best to contact Fitbit Support. The representatives from Fitbit will be able to help you resolve your issue more quickly because they’re experienced with the product.

You can reach out to Fitbit Support in a few ways; you can call them on their hotline (1-888-343-7619) or utilize their Live Chat option if you prefer to communicate electronically. Alternatively, if it’s convenient for you, you can visit them at a local store. Their knowledgeable staff can provide in-person assistance and guide you through any remaining steps required to fix your issue. They also stock a range of replacement parts in case yours needs replacing due to damage or wear and tear over time.


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