Do I get aim assist if I use a controller on pc? 2023

do i get aim assist if I use a controller on pc

Do you enjoy using a controller more than a keyboard and mouse to play video games on your PC? Ever thought about if you get an advantage when you use a controller? You’re in luck! This article will tell you all you need to know! Get the scoop now!


Do gamers get an auto-aim bonus when playing with a controller on a PC? Yes, but it depends on the game and settings. Most games have default aim assist, and some allow you to tweak or turn it off. For example, Fortnite has 3 levels of aim assist. Call of Duty: Warzone has 4 options. Some esports have special rules to limit the advantage of controllers over the mouse and keyboard.

It is important to know the game settings before playing!

What is aim assist?

Aim assist is a feature that helps improve accuracy when using a controller on PCs. It uses physics simulations to automatically adjust your aim toward enemies or objects. Most PC shooters have this feature. It can be beneficial when playing with a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard.

Aim assist picks up inputs from the analog sticks and guides them in the direction you’re aiming. In some cases, it can fix itself when it detects faster movement. This makes it easier to keep up with fast-moving targets. It also lets you take more accurate shots.

How does aim assist work?

do i get aim assist if I use a controller on pc
How Does Aim Assist Work

Using a controller on a PC for shooting games can offer aim assists. This helps players to be more accurate with their shots. Aim assist is a system that keeps the reticle (crosshairs) on enemy targets. It makes aiming easier, especially when there are multiple enemies.

Aim assist homes in on enemies within its range. This range can be big or small. Settings can also target certain types of enemies. Players can customize the strength of the aim assist too.

When aiming with a controller, the reticle will have snap-to-target movement. This keeps shots accurate and consistent. It should not disrupt game play, as long as the range is set correctly.

Do I get aim assist if I use a controller on pc?

Do PC games let you access aim-assist features if you use a controller? Generally, yes – but it depends on the game.

  • Fortnite and Apex Legends are optimized for controllers, so full aim-assist features are available.
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Call of Duty Warzone, however, provide no advantage when playing with a controller.
  • So, the playing field is level for both input methods.

Whether or not your game offers full aim assistance depends on the title and platform (e.g., PS4, Xbox One). Check the game manual or other documentation to learn the level of aim assistance available with a controller.

How to enable aim assist on PC

Got a controller? Want an advantage? Aim Assist is your answer! It helps you stay focused on targets and makes it easier to hit them. It even adjusts when your character moves quickly. Most PC games support aim assist with controllers. Here’s how to enable it:

  1. Check the settings menu for options like “Aim Stabilization,” “Targeting Assistance,” or “Analog Strength Multiplier.
  2. Adjust the sensitivity and aim lock angle.
  3. Enable vibration or motion control settings, customizing if possible.
  4. Stay up-to-date with peripheral firmware updates for best accuracy.

Get ready to dominate with aim assist!

Does aim assist work in all games?

Aim assist is a feature in many video games. It helps align the aim of a weapon or attack to the target. It is mostly on console versions, but can also be found on PCs.

Not all games support aim assist. Its effectiveness depends on the game. If playing with a controller on PC, check with the publisher before buying. Aim assist can be enabled or disabled by the player. On console controllers, it applies acceleration and smoothing to aiming inputs.

Aim assist works best when aiming is close. When far away, it may pull back, but not as much. Some players find it detracts from their enjoyment as it takes away control. Others may find it helpful for accuracy!

Pros and cons of aim assist

Using a controller on PC has its ups and downs when it comes to aim assist. Mouse and keyboard is the preferred setup for FPS games, as it gives more control over movements. It also gives everyone a fair chance! But some players find aim assist helpful with a controller.

Pros: Quicker reaction times, great for fine-tuning shots, and less fatigue.

Cons: Harder to react quickly to on-screen events, less accurate for long-distance shooting, and may cause motion sickness.

Aim assist does give players more options, but it’s hard to get used to if you’re used to PC gaming without it. Ultimately, whether to use aim assist or not is up to you. There’s no wrong choice, as long as you’re playing at your own comfort level.

How to disable aim assist

Controllers on PCs have become more popular. Players can use a controller or mouse and keyboard. Aim assist, also known as “sticky aiming” is enabled by default.

To check settings for aim assist, go to the Control Panel > Devices and Printers. Find your controller device and select ‘Properties’. Then select Properties again. Find your controller and click ‘Configure’. Check if it says ‘Off’ next to ‘Enable Aim Assist’. If not, press the toggle switch until it reads ‘Off’. That’s how to disable aim assist on PC!

Bear in mind, this should only be done if you know recoil patterns and can manage long-range gunfights without aim assist systems like console gaming has.

What are the alternatives to aim assist?

Using a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard can give PC gamers a special experience. It provides more accuracy and lets them explore their favourite games in different ways. Console gamers usually have an aim assist feature to refine their aim. However, the same isn’t true for many PC games.

If you use a controller while playing on PC, you may find that traditional aim assist features are not available. Here are some alternatives to aim assist:

  • Aim acceleration. Making small corrections easier and more accurate with analog sticks or trigger buttons on the controller.
  • Dead zones. Parts of the joystick where input is not registered. For example, below 5% may not be registered.
  • Sensitivity setting. Adjusting how fast or slow your character’s movement matches yours when using the controller.
  • Controller layout switch. Switch between keyboard and mouse layouts, as well as Xbox or PlayStation. Customize your gaming experience without needing aim assist.


Summing up, whether or not you get aim assist when playing with a controller on a PC is game-dependent. Most popular FPS titles such as Call of Duty, Halo, and Gears of War should provide aim assist when playing online. However, in certain games, like Fortnite or Apex Legends, aim assist may or may not be enabled.

To make sure, it’s best to ask the developer before beginning to play with a controller.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I get aim assist if I use a controller on pc?

A: Yes, you do get aim assist if you use a controller on pc. It is built into games that are designed to work with controllers.


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