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How to Resolve the Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error [Fixed] (2023)

Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error

Having trouble loading the Discord app? Are you constantly getting the 502 Bad Gateway Error? You’re not alone.

In this article, we’ll cover the steps you need to take for resolving this pesky issue. So read on to learn how to get your Discord back up and running in no time.


Getting the 502 Bad Gateway error while trying to use Discord can be a frustrating experience. Fortunately, this issue is usually resolved quickly with a few troubleshooting steps. In this guide, we’ll take a look at what the 502 Bad Gateway error is and provide some tips for resolving it.

The 502 Bad Gateway error is an HTTP status code that indicates that one server on the internet received an invalid response from another server. This type of error suggests there is an issue with either the content delivery network (CDN) or a server hosting a website that you are trying to access. When it occurs, you will see an error message and/or be unable to access any web pages or services hosted on a particular server.

If you are seeing this issue on Discord, there are several things you can do to resolve it:

  • Restart your web browser.
  • Clear its cache and cookies.
  • Disable any proxy or VPN services you may have running in the background.
  • Make sure your network connection is stable and has no issues accessing other websites or services.
  • Try downloading the latest version of Discord and/or reinstalling it altogether to see if this resolves the problem.

What is the Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error?

The Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error is an HTTP status code that comes from the server when the server was not able to receive a valid response from another server. This error can occur for a variety of reasons, such as poor internet connection, incorrect configuration on the backend, or an overloaded server.

This error can be identified by noticing that when you attempt to open the page, you are greeted with a “502 Bad Gateway” message with a statement that reads “Discord is unable to connect to its servers right now.” This can cause difficulty in accessing Discord and its features.

Fortunately, there are several solutions available that have proven successful in helping resolve this issue and restoring your connection to Discord. In this article, we will be covering these solutions so you can get back up and running again sooner rather than later!

Causes of the Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error

The Discord 502 Bad Gateway error is a server side issue caused by poor communication between the Discord server and your browser, which can cause disruptions in your connection to the services.

This can be due to heavy traffic on the discord server, or due to certain network limitations, mostly related to data routing and congestion. When this error occurs it renders users unable to access some features within strategic gaming sessions or socialization with their friends within the network.

Common causes of discord 502 bad gateway error include:

  • A slow internet connection
  • Outdated browser or application software
  • Incorrect proxy settings
  • An overstressed Discord server

Firewalls and antivirus software may also cause issues when their security settings block communication between the Discord Server and your local computer. Additionally, if you are trying to connect from behind a restricted network that requires certain authentication information (such as a username & password), then this could be the source of your problem.

How to Resolve the Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error

Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error
How to Resolve the Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error

Discord 502 Bad Gateway errors occur when there is an issue with the communication between your computer and the server. This error can be caused by a variety of factors, including temporarily unavailable servers, an overloaded server, browser incompatibility or corrupt client files.

Fortunately, you can quickly resolve this issue by taking the following steps:

  1. Clear your browser caches and cookies.
  2. Restart your browser and try to access Discord again.
  3. Restart your router in order to reset your internet connection, if necessary.
  4. Disable any VPNs that you may have enabled before restarting Discord to ensure that it isn’t being blocked by a virtual private network (VPN).
  5. If all else fails, try using another web browser or downloading and reinstalling the Discord application onto your computer or device instead of accessing it from its website. Additionally, you can try switching regions to see if this helps solve the problem; this may determine if the server error you are encountering is due to regional loading issues or not.

If these steps don’t help resolve the 502 Bad Gateway Error on Discord, contact their customer service team for remote support assistance in solving this issue as soon as possible so that you can get back online without delay!

Temporary Fixes for the Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error

When facing a Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error, there are several ways to try and resolve the issue. Doing so allows you to get back on track with using your favorite chat application as soon as possible. However, it’s important to understand that certain methods may temporarily fix the issue rather than provide a permanent solution. The following temporary fixes are meant to help you circumvent the 502 Bad Gateway error and get you back on Discord!

  1. Check for server outages: Before attempting any other methods, it’s best to check for server issues affecting the entire platform. If no incidents have been reported recently, take the next step toward resolving the issue on your own device.
  2. Restart your network: Sometimes, restarting your network is enough to temporarily solve minor connection issues between Discord and its servers that prevent users from using their accounts normally.
  3. Reset Discord voice settings: Discord recommends resetting all voice settings related to input modes or VoIP features before attempting other measures for resolving a 502 Bad Gateway Error code on your device. Doing this involves accessing your Account Settings and Sound & Video options within them and switching all of these settings back to default values as applicable before you move forward with trying other recovery options specified below!
  4. Update or reinstall Discord: Outdated software versions cause many problems, especially when it comes to popular communication applications like Discord due to internal changes in server protocols that occur over time; this could result in outdated versions crashing consistently until users update them (or revert back). As such, executing a complete uninstall/reinstall of the app may do wonders for resolving most recurring 502 errors with just one try!
  5. Flush DNS cache: Additionally, clearing out unwanted files stored within cached local memories can often times also be effective in getting rid of pesky 502 errors resulting from corrupt local system data entries associated with specific external services like webhooks used by chat apps like Discord – thus restoring normal functionalities quickly without requiring extensive technical or coding experience! Flushing DNS entries stores on computer systems follows an easy procedure listed below after opening up Command Prompt (Admin): ipconfig /flushdns followed by ipconfig /registerdns before typing “exit” once more into Command Prompt after which point restarting device usually serves as final step towards fixing any existing 502 problems altogether!

Permanent Fixes for the Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error

If you receive the Discord 502 Bad Gateway error, there may be a few different actions that you can take to resolve the issue. Permanent fixes for this error will depend on what caused it in the first place. In most cases, restarting your devices and software should fix it, as well as trying an alternate connection or clearing your cache.

If restarting does not resolve the issue, then other factors may need to be considered. If your browser or computer has outdated software, then updating it may help by allowing certain features to work correctly again. Additionally if poor Internet connections are causing errors with Discord servers—due to slow loads or latency issues—using a VPN could improve quality of service or changing DNS settings can improve functionality. In some cases switching server regions within Discord might also help improve quality of service and allow messages to sync properly again.

Another good step is to ensure that no background processes are interfering with Discord operations by disabling any extensions or add-ons running in the browser that could potentially be causing issues with Discord’s servers. You should also make sure that no firewall settings are blocking access to messages as they’re sent between devices via ports/servers and check that Discord has permission enabled in any antivirus/anti-malware programs installed on the computer in order for messages to sync properly between devices.


In conclusion, the Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error is a common problem that can be caused by several different things. It can be resolved either by:

  • Restarting the application
  • Attempting to reload the web page
  • Trying an alternative browser

If these solutions don’t work, it may indicate a permanent issue within the program itself. If this is the case, it’s best to reach out to Discord Support for further assistance with troubleshooting.

Keeping in mind all of these possible solutions should help you resolve this error quickly and easily.


Discord is a popular online multi-player game industry and its official platform has become widely accepted by developers. There are many networking issues that can cause the “502 Bad Gateway” error when attempting to connect to the Discord server. Fortunately, there are several methods you can try in order to resolve this issue. Below we’ve outlined some of the most common methods for resolving 502 errors with Discord servers:

  • Check your Internet connection: Make sure your internet connection is running smoothly before attempting to further troubleshoot the 502 error. If you’re using a VPN service, disable it temporarily and see if that resolves your issues.
  • Clear Discord’s cache and cookies: Many 502 errors are due to out of date files or on-disk corruption; clearing your cache and cookies might help fix them. To do this, go to Settings > Preferences > Website Data and delete any stored credentials here.
  • Log out of all accounts: Logging out of all accounts (including but not restricted to Steam, BattleNet, Xbox Live etc.) may help in resolving the issue; restarting your computer or device after doing so may also be beneficial.
  • Restart Windows Firewall services: If the problem persists after logging out, restarting the Windows Firewall Services might solve it – click Start > type ‘services’ in search bar > find ‘Windows Firewall’ service in list > right-click it > select ‘Restart’ from options present at bottom left side of pop-up menu that appears next > Confirm prompt by clicking yes tab at top right corner of pop-window that follows up next.

Additional Resources

If the measures outlined above do not resolve the Discord 502 Bad Gateway error, there are a few additional resources you can use to try and fix the issue.

  • Check out Discord’s official status page where they provide updated information and updates on their platform. In case of large issues, the status page is your best source of truth and provides clear directions on how to fix it.
  • Try to use a ping testing tool to test your network connection. By running these tests, you’ll be able to determine whether or not the connection between your computer and the Discord server is disrupted. If the tests do uncover any problems with your network connection, you should investigate any other applications on your system that are using bandwidth or data that could potentially interfere with discord application usage.
  • Contact Discord’s support team directly via their website if these steps have been unsuccessful in resolving the error code or if none of these steps apply in your situation. They may be able to identify additional solutions that would help solve this issue for you quickly without any disruption of service.


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